What is paid advertising ?
Paid advertising is a digital marketing method used by advertisers who invite to participate in realtime chaffer in order for their ads to be shown on a specific search engine, platform, or network. This online advertising model is used to bring traffic to a website as well as is often referred to as PayPerClick (PPC) advertising.


Importance of Paid Advertisements

In today’s digital marketplace, which offers too much competition, only an effectively designed paid advertising campaign can enhance sales and enhance the brand’s overall presence as well as recognition. Due to this, most temporary businesses opt for social media ads rather than traditional ads. Social media has been increasingly popular and it is in almost everyone’s access,
broadening the spectrum of brands’ opportunities to advertise. However, paid advertisements remain on top of the most effective advertising process. Social media ads require less effort and hard work if compared with the traditional structures of advertisement.


Types of Social media paid ads :

Google Paid ads
Google ads is an advertising platform that was made by Google as an effort to offer websites, web pages to place their ads on the SE(Search Engine). Google paid ads is the effective types of advertisement, as Google has billions of users which the brand advertisements can be shown, and can increase the reach of the brand’s website. Google ads are used by most of the renowned
brands to boost the sales of their products and sales.

Facebook Paid ads
Facebook ads have also recently became famous due to the adequate reach promised by Facebook. While designing a Facebook paid ads campaign, they’ll assist brands choose appropriate texts, images, videos, and so on . In accordance with your brand, while keeping in mind the interest of its users facebook ads are appealing as well as are especially designed to
form a brand’s identity.

Instagram ads
In the last few years, Instagram has become one of the top influential social media, offering a broad array of facilities for advertisers and reasonable pricing. If Instagram ads are designed right, as well as the campaign is planned effectively, it can do wonders for brands targeting to form their social platforms’ identities. Most small businesses commence the paid ad campaigns
on social media through Instagram and then gradually move towards the another platforms. Having already formed an identity on Instagram, it becomes easier to operate the ads campaigns on other social media websites .

YouTube paid ads
YouTube ads are another dominant form of paid advertisement. YouTube ads are most famous because they give advertisers with the facility to unleash their creativity in the form of visuals as well as attract as many potential customers as possible through their ads’ creativity. Ads on YouTube are highly affordable and prevalent at the same time. YouTube ads just require the appropriate monetization strategies to reach the interested audience. If practical, brands can witness a rapid grow in their sales as well as profits.

Amazon ads
Brands are finding to form an identity in the ecommerce marketplace should opt for Amazon paid ads. These refer to the sponsored products displayed on Amazon.com, aiming to boost the displayed products’ purchase advantages. Amazon ads are a wonderful way to advertise products being offered along with images of the products. Amazon is considered one of the biggest online marketplaces, as well as all the audience on the website has the aim to purchase products. The right advertisement trick can make any brand a prominent seller on Amazon.


Advantages of paid advertising

There are variety of advantages paid marketing have. I will explain some specific benefits which really crucial that are given below :

1. Organic reach on social media is down. Paid is the just way to deliver results.
Organic content on social media has been on the collapse for a few years now. Social media is now a paytoplay model for mark/groups. According to Wearesocial.com, the mean reach of an organic post on a Facebook Page is a super low 6.20%!So only one in every 19 fans sees your nonpromoted content. The answer is to enhance your distribution by increasing your paid social ad budget. With paid advertising, you’re guaranteed to reach a defined audience as well as can utilize your content to run up your brand with specific targeting and get more qualified leads. But don’t underestimate the importance of organic marketing because behind any great paid ad campaign is a consistent as well as creative organic strategy.

2. Ads are very affordable and measurable
When you’re running paid advertising campaigns, you’re capable of reaching a very targeted audience. Costs related to paid advertising are rely on the objective or type of ad you are operating .For example, if your objective is website traffic or conducts then you will opt for a costperclick (CPC), or if your goal is brand awareness you will opt for a CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions). Ads can be created in mere minutes as well as there are many tools that assist you to make the necessary images at very little or no cost at all. For example, Google Responsive Ads automatically adjust in size appearance as well as format to fit any available
ad space on the Google Display Network. Google then applies machine learning to serve just the ads that redact the best for you.

3. Specific and granular targeting is available
Paid ad targeting can be specific as well as allows you to reach relevant visitors who are interested in your brand, fit the demographics of your sales personas and reside in the exact geographic location you want to aim.


Online payperclick system advertisements are now an important issues where people are very much interested to connect with it.